Thursday, November 19, 2020

Demise of a teapot


I was brewing tea when this happened.  It was late in the evening and when I was adding boiling water to the teapot, I heard a soft bubbly a sound of a fizzy soft drink when you opened a can of soda.  Initially, I tried to look for the source of this fizzy sound and realised that it was from the teapot.  

Old timer Chinese tea drinkers who used clay teapots to brew their tea, have told me about this fizzy sound phenomena.  This would most probably be caused by a very tiny hairline crack in the clay.  It is not obvious, in the sense that when I examined the teapot in detail after washing the teapot, I was unable to detect any thing (visually) or any crack on the teapot.  I was told that after prolonged use of the teapot, it will eventually start to leak tea.

I am still happily using this teapot. This teapot looked elegant and is thick walled.  Good news though, I had bought 2 of these teapots long ago.  I do not buy doubles.....maybe I am lucky.  Teapots usually meet its demise not through regular use, but in my opinion, more through accidents.  Dropping the teapot or lid during washing, or dropping  something heavy on the teapots are common accidents to teapots.  

To this particular teapot, thank you for the memories. 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Wuyistar Lao Chong Shui Hsien Gold Tin


Wuyistar Brand of oolong had produced 2 tins of Lao Chong Shui Hsien for sale.  One is a silver tin and the other a gold tin.  Both cans comprises of 125g of oolong and the gold version is a few dollars more expensive than the silver one.  

The oolong in both tins are high roasted but the gold tin has the roast level raised a notch higher.  I enjoy both tins and found the silver version sweeter with a pleasant perfumed floral aroma.  

The gold version has a good oily mouthfeel.  Very long lasting aftertaste.  The sweetness is hardly present but the good mouthfeel makes up for the absence of sweetness.  It is a personal preference whether you want a little sweetness in the silver version or you settle for a very pleasant finish in the gold one.  However I found both versions only being able to brew up about 6 infusions before weakening in a hurry.  

I recommend you try these 2 versions if you come across them in your vicinity.