Sunday, January 23, 2022

Tinned Wuyi Shuixian - Butterfly Brand


It was about 7 years ago where there was a shortage of the Sea Dyke yellow tinned shui hsien oolong.  It was either (I cannot recall) a shipment delay issue or a production disruption.  This shortage caused many local oolong tea drinkers some consternation and many of them had to go hunting for the tinned tea in either Chinese grocery shops or Chinese medical halls. 

I was recommended at a teashop, during that time of shortage, to try out Butterfly brand of Wuyi Shuixian. A slightly cheaper alternative....and I ended up with a couple of tins. 

I had kept this butterfly tin for a few years before I opened it recently.  This tea is produced under the auspices of Zhong Cha tea company.  There is good aromatic notes to the tea. Taste and aroma is very good for a tinned Shui Hsien. I found the tea comparable to the Sea Dyke's version. This tea can brew up to 5 good infusions and the mouthfeel is good. The aroma does stay in the mouth for about a minute after you had a cup of this tea.  Roast levels are traditionally high roast, just the way I like it. 

I would recommend this tea to any Shui Hsien tea drinker and I will look out to buy a few Butterfly tins in my next tea shopping day. 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Cooling Tea - Tan Ngan Lo cooling tea bag


Happy New Year 2022.

Cooling tea?  No, not iced tea.  Many Chinese communities all over the world drink cooling tea. Known as Liang Cha in Mandarin or Leong Cha in Cantonese, this tea is actually a herbal concoction that many Chinese drink when they feel 'out or sorts' or heaty sensation in the body.  Many Chinese medical halls will have their own cooling tea concoction. You can buy an inexpensive pack of herbs, add water and put it to a boil and its ready to drink in minutes.  Some medical halls have a brewing service where there would brew up a bowl of this tea for consumption. 

This Tan Ngan Lo's cooling tea is a convenient tea bag version. Simply dunk a tea bag into a mug of hot water and its ready to drink after a minute. The aroma is pleasantly herbal.  Taste is not too bitter with a light orange/ lemon peel in the aftertaste. This teabag is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore and I know a few friends who are ardent supporters of this tea.  

I would most probably be putting this tea up in my online store for my tea readers and friends (if you are interested) to try a mug of cooling tea.