Wednesday, May 15, 2024

2008 Awazon ManJin Raw Pu erh Cake


I had visited Awazon tea shop in Kunming in 2009 and had purchased some tea from them. This is their ManJin raw cake. This tea is harvested near the Jingmai region and has many nice characteristics of Jingmai pu erh.  

The tea when brewed has a very nice snd long aftertaste. Very mouth watering and the tea has a nice complexity in terms of taste and aroma.  Awazon described the tea as "a very good sweet aftertaste in deep throat and full mouth with lingering orchid aroma".  

Though this producer is relatively unknown, this tea is surprisingly good. Smooth, mellow and sweet and easily brews up to 10 good infusions. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Liu An Tea


Liu an tea are normally sold in small baskets with the tea wrapped in bamboo leaves.  These baskets normally come in 100g, 250g and 500g. Liu an tea are actually fermented tea that are produced in Qimen in Anhui China. 

Liu An tea is considered a medicinal tea and many Chinese medical halls in South East Asia would incorporate this tea with Chinese herbs. A customer would buy a pack of these pre mixed concoction and bring home to brew up a bowl of tea to brink.  

Today, liu an tea are now drank on its own. Some of my friends even added a small piece of the bamboo leaf to the tea for added flavour.  Sun Yi Shun tea factory is one of the biggest factory that produces Liu An tea.   Old tea from this factory are very expensive and can be very hard to find. 

I had been looking and sampling Liu An tea these past two years. Newer Liu An (about 10 years old) has a light herbal and dried fruit aroma in the tea. Very enjoyable. Older Liu An tend to be more medicinal and herbal. I had also came across a heavier fermented liu an (may be for a specific market). This tea has the characteristics of a shou pu erh tea but it has an extremely long and faintly sweet aftertaste.  I will put up study packs of Liu An tea in my store so you can further explore this tea yourself.