Sunday, November 1, 2020

Wuyistar Lao Chong Shui Hsien Gold Tin


Wuyistar Brand of oolong had produced 2 tins of Lao Chong Shui Hsien for sale.  One is a silver tin and the other a gold tin.  Both cans comprises of 125g of oolong and the gold version is a few dollars more expensive than the silver one.  

The oolong in both tins are high roasted but the gold tin has the roast level raised a notch higher.  I enjoy both tins and found the silver version sweeter with a pleasant perfumed floral aroma.  

The gold version has a good oily mouthfeel.  Very long lasting aftertaste.  The sweetness is hardly present but the good mouthfeel makes up for the absence of sweetness.  It is a personal preference whether you want a little sweetness in the silver version or you settle for a very pleasant finish in the gold one.  However I found both versions only being able to brew up about 6 infusions before weakening in a hurry.  

I recommend you try these 2 versions if you come across them in your vicinity.  

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