Saturday, October 10, 2009

A tea shop in Singapore

This is D'ART Station, a tea shop found in Singapore.  Aptly located in the heart of Chinatown, access to the tea shop now is made easier with a 5 minute walk from the subway station (we locals call it the MRT).  This shop is owned by a Mr Lee and run efficiently by his assistant Miss Chong.  Address - 63 Temple Street.  Mr Lee had also opened another outlet a few streets away at 65 Pagoda Street.

I enjoy visiting this tea shop as the atmosphere there is very friendly and the people there are willing to share their tea knowledge with me.  Miss Chong had made very good recommendations of some of their pu erh and I have not been disappointed with my tea purchases there.

As seen in the pictures (please click on the pix for enlarged views), this tea shop is very well stocked with everything tea.  The shop is now having a 50% sale on their teapots (not the expensive ones though).   I find that the range of tea on sale is impressive and the tea accessories varied enough to make a tea collector (myself included) spend considerable time and money at this shop.  Talking about money, the shop do not have any electronic payment facility and all sales are in cash.

The back of the shop is where you get to try a sample of a tea.  Regular tea customers normally gather around this table exchanging stories and showing off their recent tea / teapot purchase.  I was privileged that during my latest visit, an elderly gentleman came in and showed his latest purchase; a very old liu-ann tea....and its just the liu-ann tea stems.  A pot of this tea was made and I was offered a cup.  The taste was very rich with a  herbly fragrance and a very strong sweaty cha qi soon hit me.  I found the tea buzz too strong for me but apparently the rest of the tea drinkers there enjoyed this cha qi.  

The last pix is that of a raw pu erh.  This is the last production of the Menghai puerh in a CNNP wrapper.  I was given a small sample to take home.  The tea was really mellow, super tasty and smooth bringing a smile to my face when I sipped this tea.  Fairly pricey for this particular cake, I am thinking whether to buy this cake.....most probably.   


Anonymous said...

A sweaty spiritual feeling? I know exactly what you're talking about from some Puerh that I've had recently. It's just amazing that I can be warmed up in my body by Puerh when I don't get much to eat and the temp is low in my apartment. But warm is good, so no problem. --Teaternity

Unknown said...

Understand they have shifted out? Any idea where they have shifted to? :)

wilson said...

They moved to 20, Sago Street, along the row of shophouses facing the Buddha Tooth temple.

New England Bushcraft said...

I love this place! I stop in every time I am back in Singapore. Its always a few years apart but Miss Chong always seems to remember me!