Monday, July 12, 2010

2008 Haiwan ripe loose tea in 10g sachet

Haiwan recently introduced a 10g pack of loose ripe pu erh. A nice presentation box comprising of 20 of these sachets can be purchased for under US$10.

The packaging is good and sturdy. The tea is 'doubled bagged' in the sense that there is a plastic inner lining inside the sachet to protect the tea in the event the outer wrapper gets wet. My guess that 10g of tea was packed in each sachet was to cater to the many tea drinkers whose teapots or gaiwans are varied in size. I myself used a 160ml teapot for my ripe pu erh brewing. Some of my tea friends' teapots for ripe pu erh ranges from 150ml to 250 ml. In my opinion, this 10g Haiwan ripe loose tea is very suitable for a 220-250 ml tea brewing vessel. I brewed the entire sachet of tea in my teapot the 1st time which I discovered was way too much (tea was jet black for 1st 6 infusions). I usually take up to 4 brews of an newly purchased tea before I get the amount of tea leaves right and suitable for my personal taste.

The color of the tea leaves was good with a nice pleasant aroma. There was no bitterness and the tea tasted nice. There was no new ripe pu erh scent and the description of 'good quality tea' on the wrapper seems quite accurate.

I am a big fan of Haiwan pu erh teas but I will not be stocking up on this tea as I do not like to leave aside 2 g of pu erh every time I open a sachet, as storing and accumulating these minuscule amounts is unnecessarily tedious. I am also a little bit traditional.....I like my puerh to come in cakes, bricks or even a big box/bag of loose tea leaves.

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