Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Tea Box

My daughter, Ashley gave me a father's day present.

This is 'The Tea Box' written by Giles Brochard. Published by Barron in 2001, this cardboard presentation box contains a 32 page booklet and a 40 A5 size cards. The tea booklet introduces the advent of tea in China, Japan and Europe. This booklet delves on the history on tea and some stories behind the tea. Its an interesting read. The 40 cards are well taken photographs of tea which include more information on tea as well as tea recipes like using tea as pastries and in cooking.

Pix 2 shows the inside of the opened box while pix 3 are photos of the tea cards. The top card in pix 3, is the 'green tea coconut pearls' while pix 4 shows the reverse of the card detailing the recipe to make these pearls. The last pix is a page capture of the tea booklet.

A nice father's day gift.

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