Saturday, October 8, 2011

Straits Chinese Porcelain Teacups Pt.2

There were some readers that wanted more information on Straits Chinese porcelain teacups after my blog entry on 7 Aug 2009. Straits Chinese Porcelain were used in by the Peranakan community in the the earlier half of the 20th century. Most of the porcelain were specially produced for this community in Jingdezhen China.

There were however, porcelain made in Japan, that was used by the Straits Chinese as well. The top 3 pix are Japanese made teacups that are classified as Straits Chinese Porcelain. In my limited handling of Straits Chinese Porcelain, I felt that the Japanese made teacups were more refined in the finish. Some collectors do not recognize such porcelain as Straits Chinese but discoveries of such porcelain in old Straits Chinese homes could not be disputed. Such Japan made porcelain I had seen, had white as the background whereas the China made ones may come in a myraid of colors like white, green, pink, yellow, brown, blue and coral red.

The last pix is an unusual China-made nonyaware (straits chinese) teacup. The coral red color is considered a rare color in the nonyaware range of porcelain.


Unknown said...

Really nice peranakan cups Wilson, I'm envious! As an interesting sidenote, my grandfather was a porcelain dealer in Penang, and he told me during the Japanese occupation in WW2 they could not get any stock from China so they were forced to sell Japanese porcelain!

Jason said...

I just set up a tea blog too! Come see when you're free..