Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yunnan Jing Gu Black Tea

I had ordered 100g of this black tea from Yunnan Sourcing.  This black tea comes from Jing-Gu and the black tea leaves looks golden.  It has a nice strong sweet scent but I would suggest you do not brew this tea in a your clay teapot as the aroma, even though is very nice, may linger in your pot for some time and will affect the tea brew when you re-use the teapot for other teas.  I suggest you use something ceramic when you brew any scented tea.  Dedicate one teapot if you really like a particular strong scented tea.  I have a separate yixing teapot for heavy roasted TGY and shui xian.  

For convenience, I recommend you take a pinch (about 10 strands) and brew in your mug.  Add hot water (a couple of minutes after boiling) and your tea is ready to drink in 5 minutes.  This black tea releases a nice nectar sweet aroma. The color of a brewed tea is like a weak ripe  pu erh brew.   The aroma makes me think the tea is sweet when I drink the tea.  Very nice and pleasant.  This black tea also makes a nice chilled tea as well.

Costing about $10 for 100g (its quite a lot of tea leaves and will last a long time), I would recommend you include a pack of this Jing-Gu black tea when you place your next order with Yunnan Sourcing.  

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