Saturday, February 18, 2012

'Butterfly' Brand - Lao Cong Shuixian

My blog entry on 16 Oct 2010 was on one of the most popular tinned 'Sea Dyke'' brand of Lao Chong Shui Xian.  At that point of writing that blog, that particular tin of shui xian was going for $11.  Today, buying another tin would set you back $16-18.  This is a significant price increase.  This price hike had hurt the pockets of a few local tea drinkers especially the retirees, who had been loyal tea drinkers of this tea for many years.

I know a group of these retirees and a couple of these tea drinkers had started looking for cheaper alternatives.  

The pictures above is the 'Butterfly' brand of lao chong shui xian (notice the different spelling on the tin).  This 125g tea is also packed in a nifty tea tin.   Aroma of the tea is robust and fragrant.  Taste is strong and enjoyable.  Price - about $11-12 a tin.  

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