Sunday, September 2, 2012

Taetea Dayi Teabag - 6 year raw pu erh

I bought this tea at the 2012 Hong Kong International Tea Fair.  I was at the Dayi booth when I saw that Dayi had teabags containing pu erh tea for sale there.  I was especially curious about the Dayi 6 year old raw pu erh tea bag and I parted with HK$60 (US$7.80) to buy a box.  

The information on the box said it contained 45g of tea packed into 25 teabags, which implied 1.8g of tea per bag.  Overall packing of this tea was good; in my opinion.  The teabag as you can observe from the last pix is that of a regular teabag.    

I cannot give a proper assessment of this tea.  I don't know how.  It is not right to compare it with pu erh cakes and bricks.  It sounds expensive, per gram basis if compared to cakes and.......  the teabag is only good for 1 infusion.  

Instructions for making this tea was simple......dunk teabag in hot water and its ready to drink in 2-3 minutes.  Its fast and convenient.  

If you had given me a cup of this tea and telling me after I had consumed the tea that it was from a teabag,  I would be pleasantly surprised.  Its a nice raw pu erh tea......Its like drinking a raw pu erh tea in its 5/6th infusion of a regular raw pu erh cake.  Did it taste like a 6 year old raw?  The tea is not astringent and does not taste like a new Dayi raw pu erh.  This is very subjective.  

This tae tea (dayi) teabag was produced for a target market, where the consumers may want a decent cup of Chinese tea without the fuss of brewing with teapots and gaiwans.  I suppose and hope that these teabags will piqued the drinkers to further explore the more exquisite taste of pu erh tea in the near future. 

A few readers have asked me on occasions on the teas I have drunk and purchased during my tea travels.  I am doing up a few sample packs of tea for exchange with my readers.  I have included some teas which, in my opinion, give the reader a taste of Chinese tea from the places I had visited and blogged about.  NO GUARANTEE you will be happy with the tea exchange.  Drop me a line if you are interested. You will get a teabag as well.  

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