Saturday, December 15, 2012

2005 CNNP Ripe Pu erh - 7572 recipe

"Waiter! There is a.......nut/fruit in my tea?".  Yes, that's what I found nestled in my tea cake while I was breaking up the pu erh into my tea caddy.  This additional fruit, looked like a dried berry, was not suppose to be in my tea cake.  Yes, my tea drinker friends have found the odd 'gift' in their tea ranging from a strand of hair, a hair clip, rice husk shells and even a fruit seed.  I would like to point out such finds are not restricted to Chinese made products. It can be occasionally found in many products made around the world.  I personally found a plastic spade in my American made dog food and a button in a European canned food.  

Back to the 2005 CNNP ripe cake.  I was told that this cake was based on the Menghai Tea factory 7572 ripe recipe.   You don't see the '7572' printed on the tea wrapper but I was told it was found printed on the larger cartons.  

I found this tea unique in that this tea was difficult to over-brew.  Most of the ripe pu erh usually make a strong brew, especially in the 1st few infusions, when you let the tea sit in your teapot or gaiwan for more than 10 seconds.  It would taste real strong and the color of the tea would be almost black in color.  This 2005 CNNP pu erh is very forgiving.  I like this tea strong - more leaves and longer infusion times and it did brew up a very pleasing cup of tea.  I would not consider this tea to be of a 7572 recipe, maybe a wee bit.  A happy tea.  Maybe it's due to the dried berry in the tea cake.   


Treasure Tea Tree said...

Hi Wilson,
The "berry" found in your tea cake is use to see in tea cake. Those "berry" are not from others plantation, there are seed of the tea tree. The ancient tea tree still use the seed for re-produce. Usually I will not throw those but just include in my brewing, as I believe it give more balance to the nutrition and for sure taste. There are some tea cakes that include the tea flower, that I plan to try soon. Hope this help. Thanks.

wilson said...

Thank you for sharing this information.

Teamania said...

Yes, this "berry" looks to me like a tea bush seed also. However, it shouldn't find it's way to the tea IMHO.

Lisa @Teasenz said...

Not sure if it's good thing or not to find a berry in your cake, but in the picture it looks pretty cute ;)