Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year (CNY).  But tonight, the eve of the new year, is very important to Chinese around the world.  Every Chinese will try to have a family reunion dinner tonight.  You can read from the newspapers that the transport in China especially the buses and trains are fully booked these past week as workers in the cities return home for the Chinese New Year Celebrations.  If you are traveling to China, be prepared that most shops in China may be closed for the CNY.  I was, however told, that shops in Hong Kong are normally opened by 3rd day of the new year due to the high operating costs.

I think I had bought most of the CNY stuff.  Let me see.....mandarin oranges (symbolize gold, to give to friends and relatives), pussy willow (placed in homes, signify arrival of spring), lots of snacks from sweetmeats, pastries and candies and money filled red packets (symbol of luck, normally given to elders and kids).  

This CNY will be represented by the snake.  It was the dragon last year.  People born in the year of the snake are considered intelligent and wise.  

I hope to visit Yunnan this year to gain a better perspective of pu erh.  I am particularly interested to find out about the new pu erh processing.  I had discovered that in the past 2 years; some pu erh were processed differently.......tasting somewhat like a green tea or light oolong.  There were some drinkers I know labeling such teas as 'oolong pu'.  Its very drinkable for a new pu but many tea drinkers and collectors I know are doubtful whether this 'oolong tea' will ferment into an aged pu erh that is highly appreciated in the world today.  I will probably not get the answers during my trip, but I intend to share my findings with my readers.  

And to all my readers and friends.......Happy New Year.  I wish you good health and happiness.  Live long and prosper.  And drink more tea as well.  

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