Saturday, August 24, 2013

Do Not Judge The Tea By The Wrapper

I was packing my tea when I discovered that I had this ripe tea pu erh tea cake.  I checked my notes and found out that I had purchased this inexpensive cake in Kunming in 2009.  I had even had a sample taste before I made the purchase.  I was told that this was a 2005-06 ripe tea.  

This is a generic tea wrapper, that uses the "Tong Qing Hao" printed wrapper.  This was an old tea factory that had closed down many years ago.  Perhaps using such generic wrappers would helped the sales of tea at this tea shop.  

Anyway, after about 4 years of storage in hot and humid Singapore,  I decided to open this cake.  No surprises but I had expected more from his 8 year old cake.  The tea was weak in both aroma and taste and lasted 5 infusions before weakening.  I conclude that lower grade tea leaves might had been used to make this tea.  A lesson learnt - that I should not be smitten by the tea wrapper.  I had made my purchase where I had judged the tea by the wrapper.  

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