Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kamjove Press Art Tea Cup 500ml

This is a Kamjove Press Art Tea Cup 500ml.  This 'apparatus' can brew an excellent cup of Chinese tea.  This Kamjove would make a very nice conversation piece when you brew tea with it for your friends.  The brewing method looks high-tech but it is easy to use.

This inexpensive (about US$10-12) Kamjove comes in 2 parts.  One is the glass jar with handle and the other part; a brewing food grade plastic brewer that rest in the glass jar.  Brewing tea is very simple.  As illustrated in the 2nd pix, scoop the tea leaves into the brewer (scoop is provided as well),  pour hot/boiling water.  When tea is ready, press button,which releases a valve below the brewer and your tea will pour down into the glass jar.   Lastly serve and enjoy the tea.  

You will notice in the last pix that there is a fine mesh in the brewer.  This will prevent any tea leaves from clogging or blocking the pour out valve.  Cleaning this Kamjove is relatively easy and detergent can be used to wash this tea making set.  

This Kamjove does brew Chinese tea satisfactorily in the sense that you can control the brewing strength and prevent overbrewing simply by judging the color of the tea in the brewer.  When the tea had been 'released' in to the tea jar, the tea leaves remained separated from the tea and kept 'dry' for subsequent infusions. (see pix 1)

This Kamjove appears fanciful but it does make a good cup of tea.  In fact, Mr Lau of Hong Kong's Lau Yu Fat teashop used a similar set to brew tea when my Singapore tea friend was at his shop last month.  

Inexpensive and I would recommend you get one.  Easy and fun to use. 


PouringTea said...

I bought this Kamjove a couple of months ago and agree with you it is easy and fun to use. Mine has brown stains now from tea so now it doesn't look as nice as the ones in your photos.

wilson said...

Thank you for your feedback. I suppose the plastic component will stain over time......which gives you a reason to buy another one. And yes, time for oolong.

Teamania said...

I have a similar Kamjove and have the same problem of brown stains. Beside that it's not easy to clean like a gaiwan. The positive thing is that the pot is made of glass and can be used as a pitcher.