Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yunnan Tuocha Teabag

Tuocha in a teabag?  That was the question in my mind when I saw this box.  I really had a 2nd and 3rd look.  It was inexpensive and I bought it.

This tuocha teabag seem to suggest it was a Xiaguan production.  The colorful green design seem to originate from the famous tuocha round box that housed a ripe tuocha wrapped in a Xiaguan brown paper wrapper.  However, a closer look at this teabag box did not reveal the name of the tea company, just "China Yunnan Tea Branch".  I suspect that this might not be a Xiaguan production.  I might be wrong.

Click on the 2nd pix for a bigger view and do enjoy the 'lost in translation' humor where this black tea becomes a dark red tea after brewing.  And yes, "Minimum recommended quantity : 4 cups a day".

I think I might buy another box to try the tea.  I will keep an unopened one for keepsake.


Mike F. said...
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wilson said...

Surprisingly good. Old aged taste. My guess it could also be due to storage conditions as well.