Sunday, March 9, 2014

2004 Ripe Puerh Brick - revisit

I had bought 4 of these bricks during my trip to Hong Kong in Dec 2010.  I had purchased from Lau Yu Fat teashop for about HK$150.   Yes, the price seemed so inexpensive when you compare with tea prices today.  Pu erh tea prices are more expensive now.

I had opened in cake in 2011 (link). My thoughts on this tea were :

"The aroma had a combination of chinese herbs with a good earthly and toasty sensation. It was like drinking a chinese herbal soup that underwent long hours of cooking. Nice color. This tea makes a smooth drink and the aftertaste was very pleasant."

My views remain unchanged after opening the 2nd brick. Yes, I do add more tea leaves to a brew as I enjoy this tea on the stronger side.

But I digress. I would recommend my readers, that if you like a partcular tea, whether its a high roasted oolong or pu erh (teas that can be stored away for long periods), to buy a small quantity of this tea to keep away for future drinking. Not too many/much. I would recommend for pu erh tea, to buy 3 cakes/bricks and over time you would have a good selection of tea in your tea stash. You can also do a tea exchange with your tea friends (especially from different countries) to compare storage and aging conditions.

Anyone wants to do a tea exchange with 2-3 teas of about 30g each?


Cwyn said...

I will very happily do a puerh exchange. What a nice idea! You can review Cwyn's cupboard on and let me know if you see anything you want to try. Singapore shipping no problem!

wilson said...

Thank you. I cannot find you on steepster. Please email me direct regarding tea exchange, Do let me know your preferences and I will try to make the exchange an interesting adventure. Wilson