Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Tea For Everyone" Seminar

I could not believe it.  Our local newspaper carried out an ad informing that there would be a Chinese tea seminar on 29 March 2014 and it was open to the public and it was free of charge.  Registration was easy; just scan the QR code on the ad, and you are brought to the web link to reserve a seat for the seminar.  

This "Tea For Everyone" seminar was organized by Wee Kim Wee Centre, Singapore Management University and they invited 3 speakers to speak at this 1.5 hr seminar.  This seminar was in Mandarin and I was surprised that the lecture theatre was 'full house' for this talk.

There were 3 speakers in this tea talk.  Mr Wang Jianrong, the 1st speaker, is the vice president of Hangzhou Longjing Tea Culture Research Association and a member of China museum management special committee.  Mr Wang, in his presentation, dealt with Chinese tea history.  He also mentioned in passing that yixing clay teapots were not suitable for green teas and these teapots were more suited for roasted ones instead. 

The 2nd speaker, Mr Ho Chien hailed from Taiwan and operates the Taiwan Tea Culture Institute.  His presentation deals with the tea drinking in everyday life. He believed that drinking Chinese tea not only has health benefits but allows the drinker to 'de-stress' while enjoying a cup of tea.  

The last speaker, Mr Lee Chee Keong, operates LiuXiang Teacraft in Singapore.  He spoke on Chinese tea in Singapore and he hoped to continue to share his knowledge and passion on Chinese tea in Singapore and abroad.  

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