Saturday, July 5, 2014

2006 Haiwan Pasha Raw 200g Cake

Haiwan Tea Factory in 2006 produced 2 versions of this tea.  A 200g and 400g cake was made and released for sale.  I had managed to snagged both versions few years ago from Yunnan Sourcing and I believed the proprietor Scott still have a couple more of the 400g cakes for sale.

This tea is non smoky but I found this tea to be very enjoyable.  There is salivating sensation after I drank the tea and there was a delayed faint sweet aftertaste.  Very smooth tea and a session of this tea ends quite fast.  

A little expensive now, but the price is comparable to some new pu erh tea produced these 2 years.  This tea is already 8 years old and I do think it gives more value for money.

Happy Independence Day!  

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