Friday, September 5, 2014

Pu erh Tea Bag

For ripe pu erh tea drinkers, I recommend that you buy a box of these tea bags.

"China Pu-erh Tea" is produced by Shantou Yi Hua Import & Export Corp Ltd, Guangdong China.  This tea comes in teabags and are packed in a 20 teabag or 100 teabag boxes.  

I had tried many pu erh tea bags and had been disappointed with the aroma and taste of the tea bags. There are ripe, raw and even pu erh tea bags that has either chrysanthemum or rose flowers added into the tea.  However, I found these tea bags to be lacking in that robustness that I enjoy in pu erh.....until now.

Filling a mug with boiling water and dunking this teabag in the mug for about 2 minutes together with a few jiggling movements of the teabag will yield a very dark aromatic, tasty cup of pu erh tea.  The color will be very dark, almost like red wine.  As this tea is produced in Guangdong, there is a hint of the storage flavor and aroma that closely resemble Hong Kong traditional pu erh storage.  I could detect and enjoy that slight old musty wood aroma. 

And.....this is no typo error.  It cost less than US$5 for an box of 100 teabags.  It is really value for money.  I have decided to buy a few boxes to give away as presents to my non tea drinking friends.  Yes, a cheapo gift but it is a good way to introduce pu erh tea to my friends.  

I carry these teabags with me whenever I am on the move.  I can easily have a quick nice cup of pu erh on the plane or during a meeting.  Have tea will travel.

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