Sunday, November 16, 2014

Puerh Tea Bag - Butterfly Brand

I received a call from a local tea drinker friend.   He had read my blog about Bao Ding brand of pu erh tea bags (link).  My friend loves his cup of pu erh and like me, will take along pu erh tea bags when he is traveling or attending long meetings.  He called me to say that the Butterfly brand of pu erh teabags are better than mine.  

It is very interesting to compare notes among fellow tea drinkers.  There will be different opinions on a tea even if it was served to a group of tea drinkers at a tea session.   I believed a cup of tea will appeal differently to tea drinkers and sometimes life experiences do affect the perception of a tea.  The tea may be a reminder of a pleasant, happy or memorable experience.  

Back to the teabags.  Both of us had not tried each other's teabag so I fixed a lunch appointment in town to meet and to go on a tea bag buying exercise.  

The Butterfly brand of pu erh tea is a nice clean stored ripe pu erh.  The other Bao Ding brand is more of a Hong Kong stored style of pu erh, which has a slight humid, 'old cupboard' aroma. These teabags brew best with boiling hot water.  Both teabags are inexpensive at about US$2 for a box of 25 teabags.  

Now, my friend and I are happier with our pu erh tea bags.  We equipped ourselves with both of these teabags when we are on the road.  


Ignacio Aguirre said...

Hello, I definitely share the same passion for pu erh tea. I like it early in the morning as well after dinner.
I use to drink it in Chile, my native country. But my destiny took me to the USA were the tea culture is pretty low, and has being extremely difficult to find the pu erh, so I decide to go online and try new pu erh and actually the only ones available in a massive web site of shopping online. Unfortunatly when I received my tea cases, non of them were as close as good as my Butterfly Brand inexpensive tea bags, for my every day needs.
Now I feel desperate to have some of the Pu Erh Butterfly Brands tea bags.
So if you have any information of were I can purchase online and to be send to IN USA, I will appreciate any information.
Thanks a lot.

wilson said...

Thanks for your comment. I have no idea where you can get the butterfly teabags. I did find a few cakes when I was at Frisco in chinatown last summer. Anyway, email me your address….as a fellow tea drinker…I will send a few teabags to you as an early christmas present from me.