Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My New Tea Table From Keramikstudio

Yes....I got myself another tea table.  Readers will know that I had already a few tea brewing tables and this new addition arrived last week.  Why so many tea tables?  I don't know....maybe open a tea nightclub or something. 

This large circular tea table measured 18 inches or 46cm across and arrived well packed in a huge carton box all the way from Czech Republic.  Made by Keramikstudio and owned by Petr Novak and his partner Miroslava Randova, this handcrafted woodfired tea table simply captured my imagination that I was willing to shell out US$205 (inclusive of air freight) to get it.

This tea table is made up of 3 parts.  The table top, a large deep circular bowl and a removable trivet.  The trivet as you will notice, is a 3 legged support that when placed in the tea bowl, will hold up and support the table top.  The trivet also act to keep the table top dry during a tea brewing session.  This tea table set is very sturdy and heavy as well.  The only setback is pouring out the discarded tea after a tea session, which needed me to be more careful and deliberate due to the weight of the tea bowl. 

I purchased this tea table for a number of reasons.  One is that the design is simple but elegant.  These guys from Kermikstudio had captured the essence of a Chinese tea brewing table, that is being simple and functional.   I just add in a teapot and a few cups to start a tea session.  Nothing fancy...just simple.  And...this tea table is made by a European couple all the way in Czech Republic.  It is my opinion that this table is nicer than most fancy tea tables I had seen in the tea markets in China.

Time for a  group photograph of my family of tea tables.


Unknown said...

A very nice teaware indeed

Hector Konomi said...

Wilson, don't want to be picky, but Czechoslovakia doesn't exist any more...

Hector Konomi

wilson said...

Thank you Hector for pointing out my outdated geography. I have corrected my mistake.