Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Tomorrow (8 Feb) is Chinese New Year.  This will be the year of the monkey.  People born in the monkey year are supposed to be intelligent with good sociable skills.  Readers, go google the Chinese zodiac and see, for the fun of it, which 'animal' characteristics you may have.    

Chinese tea collectors will be happy to see their tea collection as being one year older.  This is especially important if your tea collection is mainly puerh or traditional oolong.  

Some teashops may increase the price of their pu erh in their shops as their tea is now 'older'.  However, due to the economic slowdown in many developed countries, I do not foresee any serious price appreciation of tea prices in general.  There is a strong possibility that you may get your tea at a cheaper price as overall demand may fall due to reduced speculation. I sensed a more thrifty or 'belt tightening' spending pattern by the general public. Terms like 'seeking additional strategic alternatives' (aka company for sale) and 'restructuring' (downsizing) should be a common theme in the business news for the next few months.   

I enjoy Chinese New Year in Singapore.  Most business will be closed for 2 days during this festive period and many people usually take this super long weekend break to be with family, visiting relatives, have some rest and chill out.  A nice break for everyone and a good excuse for me to drink more tea.  

With the prospects of cheaper tea in the year of the monkey, the very interesting US presidential election, a more curvy Barbie…..what more can a tea drinker ask for?

To my readers, I wish you a Happy New Year.  Live long and prosper.

Time for a rare midnight tea.

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