Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Malaysia Tea Expo - Dec 2016

It was a surprise that there was a 2nd tea expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia In December.  I was told there was only one expo this year that was held earlier in May this year.

I would like to apologize to my readers for this blog entry as this will be very brief - more pictures than words.  I had just returned home from this trip and will be flying off again tomorrow to Cambodia.  I know a family that runs a mission in rural Cambodia and I am visiting them tomorrow.  I have never been to Cambodia and it should be an interesting trip.  Yes, I had packed a teapot and tea to last me a week.

Back to the tea expo. 

Taetea and Xiaguan dealers had the usual bigger booths at this tea expo.  The tea dealers, which I had an opportunity to have quick chats with, tell me that 2017 will be a very challenging year in terms of the recent economic developments around the world.  However, these tea dealers felt that tea prices would remain firm and 2017 new tea offerings might be more pricey as well.

Picture 5 is a very pretty white tea cake produced by Xiaguan tea factory.  The gentleman you see on the left in Picture 6 is the famous Mr Deng Shi Hai who had created a range of pu erh tea.  He is sitting next to Long Bean who is the Malaysia distributor of the tea.  I sampled the 07 raw tea and Mr Deng commented during the tea sampling session that the tea was very strong and recommend not to drink too often.  I interpret as 'daily'.  The tea is indeed very strong and pricey as well.

There were no  major new tea products in this tea fair but I enjoyed visiting this fair to meet up with my tea drinking buddies.  Yes, we adjourned to visit more tea shops to drink more tea in the late afternoon.

The last 2 pix was a teapot purchase I made at the fair. I was told made in 2004, a special order by Macau Sands Casino to commemorate the opening of the casino resort in Macau. The teapot is very pretty…the dark green clay simply captivating.    

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