Sunday, November 26, 2017

2007 Liming Ba Jiao Ting Raw Pu erh

This raw pu erh tea cake is produced by Liming Tea Factory under its Ba Jiao Ting (aka 8 sided pagoda) logo.  The date stamp on the wrapper is blurry but I think I could make out the year as 2007.  Although Liming tea factory is an established and well known tea factory, their tea remained 'under the radar' and the prices of their tea are less pricey than the more famous brands.  Collectors that invest in Chinese pu erh tea would normally purchase the bigger brands or special limited edition cakes to store long term.   

However, in the latest Tea Art Magazine issue #61, Liming tea factory took out an advertisement on their new Lao Ban Zhang tea cake (last pix).  I remember I had walked pass their distributor in Guangzhou and I will visit them to find out more about their new tea cake.  I hope not to lose an arm or limb when I buy this tea.  

Back to the 2007 Ba Jiao Ting cake.  This 10 year old cake brews up a nice clean and strong tea.  I noticed this tea cake is highly compressed and you need your tea tools to pry open the cake.  This tea is clean with a pleasant amber color in the drink.  Nothing extraordinary but I enjoyed the herbal / medicinal aroma and slightly sweet aftertaste.  I realised I had brewed this tea 3 days in a row.  A happy purchase.  

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