Sunday, October 2, 2022

Duck Poop Tea

Ya Shi Xiang, aka duck poop tea and aka Duck shit fragrance is a name given to a dan chong tea growing region in the Guangdong province. Call it a lucky stroke of genius or a moment of inspiration, this yucky sounding name did wonders for the tea growing farmers there. Chinese tea shops that has exposure to foreign tourists will have brisk sales of this tea.  This tea makes for an unusual souvenir to bring back home. Local Chinese tea drinkers are also buyers of this tea as its name does pique the interest of many tea drinkers. 

This tea is very aromatic. The tea leaves exude a nice fruity and perfumed fragrance even before brewing up the tea.  Very good mouthfeel. I enjoyed the nice long aftertaste. The roast levels I would consider as just 'made it to the high roast level'. There is a slight nuttiness and beans in the taste at the later infusions. This tea is good for half a dozen infusions. 

I enjoyed this dan chong oolong. The name 'duck poop tea' made this drink even more intriguing.   

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