Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drinking Bubble Tea

I have noticed that there are new bubble tea shops opening in Singapore. Bubble tea is actually chilled or iced tea that include tapioca jelly balls in the drink.

Drinking bubble tea was a fad about 8 years ago in Singapore. Many people were drinking this chilled beverage and many bubble tea business sprouted out to cater to this demand. This fad or bubble soon burst and the bubble tea business became quiet. There is now a new interest in bubble tea here. New bubble tea shops now offer customers with a wider choice of tea, new flavors and you can dictate the amount of sugar/milk as well. Prices can range from $2-6 per cup (about 500ml)

The 2 pix attached is a bubble tea shop set up in a newly opened mall. I decided to try their roasted milk tea. I was asked my sugar and milk preference before I parted with $2.10 for the drink. I was given a number and when my number was flashed on an electronic screen, My cold beverage was ready (see pix 2).

This roasted milk tea taste like a mild taiwanese oolong tea, sweetened with sugar and milk. Noticed the tapioca jelly balls at the bottom of the cup. The straw provided is wide enough for you to suck up these jelly balls, which is slightly starchy is texture. A nice refreshment for a hot day.

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