Friday, March 18, 2011

Tea & Coffee Mix

One common trend in people living in cities is the consumption of fast food which include 'fast drinks'. Drinks like milk tea, coffee, chocolate and even baby milk can be purchased in a 'ready to drink' package. Its all premixed with water or milk and you can drink it straight away.

You can save a little money if you are willing to do a bit of work. Some of these beverages come in powder sachets, where you empty the contents in a cup, add hot water and its ready to go. Coffee and tea mixes are very common here in this part of the world. We used the phrase "3 in 1" to signify the addition of milk, sugar and coffee/tea. Consumers now have the luxury of more choices as drink manufacturers offer '2 in 1', or less sweet/milk combinations.

The picture show a 25-pack "4 in 1" - coffee, tea, milk and sugar. Each sachet is 25g.

So how is the taste? Quite pleasant actually. Sweetened milk tea with a hint of coffee or its the other way round. Rather sweet but overall a very interesting beverage.

This coffee-tea blend is not new as many people do drink this mix and you can actually ask for such a beverage at most neighbourhood drink stalls. I believe that the nickname for this beverage is called "yin-yang'.

On a side note - when you are in this part of the world, you will noticed some drink stalls selling fresh soya bean milk. They will also sell black grass jelly drinks as well. These drinks are very popular and inexpensive and you can find many such drink stalls especially in Singapore and Malaysia. Yes, people here even mixed these 2 drinks together to make a beverage. In Penang Malaysia, this drink is called 'Michael Jackson'.

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