Friday, April 22, 2011

Contribute Your Thoughts on Tea

To all readers of this tea blog (if there is anyone out there), you may have some thoughts on the topic of tea and you may have the urge or itch to have your say.

You can contribute a tea article here. I am looking for diverse views on tea and would appreciate your input. You may send your article (some pictures also appreciated) and your contribution will be reproduced in full. Unedited.

This tea blog does not earn any money.....although....I may sell my articles unwillingly for a million dollars. Just imagine me in tears when I unwillingly stuff the money in my jeans pocket.

But on a serious side, do give me your musings on tea. You will be given full credit to your contribution (or stay anonymous if you wish). Thank you. Have a good Easter weekend.

Pix above is a '02 Soong Pin Hao Ripe pu erh.

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