Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter week in Guangzhou

I was in Guangzhou and Hong Kong during the Easter week. The weather was nice and warm that I could go round the city in just jeans and a t-shirt. Getting really warm though.

During this trip, I met up with my regular tea dealer friends and...... made a good friend with a French tea dealer and had the privilege of learning and gleaning more information about tea as well as about the tea business. I was also humbled to meet a few teamasters while in Guangzhou and Hong Kong and had the chance to experience their generosity in their sharing of tea knowledge, as well as they sharing some of their rare teas with me. More on this later.

Most of the green teas from spring 2011 were already available in the tea markets. Some 2011 Pu erh from the established brands were also available in the tea markets. The 1st pix shows Long jing tea leaves otherwise known as dragon well tea. The 2nd pix shows Mao jian tea from Henan province.

The 3rd and 4th pix are of a new product found in the tea markets. This is 'snow mountain chrysanthemum'. Yes, chrysanthemum is a common drink but these really tiny flowers from this area were impressive in that just 5 buds used in a 100ml gaiwan would yield about 6-8 infusions easily. Subtly sweet. Nice and refreshing.

The last pix shows Da Hong Pao packed in small box (cigarette size), two 10g pack in a box and then 10 of these boxes in a carton. This tea, during my tea sampling session, was robust in taste, well roasted and produced a nice full flavor in the mouth that lasted a good few minutes after drinking down the tea.

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