Friday, December 13, 2013

My Chinese Tea Art Scroll Purchase

I had just purchased a Chinese tea art scroll.  I am not trained in art appreciation but I tend to buy those art pieces that appealed to me.  Last year, I had purchased Japanese tea art scrolls (link) and had wanted to frame up these art pieces on my wall, something I had procrastinated.  Perhaps the cost of framing such art scrolls is high enough to give me a reason to delay visiting the art framing company.

I bought this Chinese art scroll because it was 'tea' theme. As you will have observed from the pix (click the pix for a larger view), the depiction of a tea drinking session (suppose to be a tea competition) caught my eye.  The seller told me that this was an old painting scroll done by Xiang Wen Yan.  I had actually took this art scroll to my framers and my framing friend, told me that this scroll seem like an old woodblock print.  I am totally new and have zero experience in such art pieces.......just happy its a 'tea' theme art piece.  As this scroll measured more than 2 meters in length, the cost of framing this artwork was exorbitant....."%&*$#@#!!!!" (censored).....I feel better now. 

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UmbralQueen said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL scroll! I do not, however, envy having to frame it!