Monday, December 23, 2013

1996 Mengku Ripe Tuo

One of my most pleasant purchases during my visit to the Malaysia Cultural tea expo last month (link) was this ripe pu erh.  Visitors to the expo could purchase this 1996 ripe pu erh for a price of 68RM (US$23) for a set of 3 tuos.  Each tuo was 100g each so it seemed to be a good bargain.  Yes, no sampling and you are buying blind.  

Breaking up the tuo was a simple 1 minute procedure with a letter opener.  I am happy to say that this tuo was one of the better ripe tea I had drank this year.  Brewing the tea with a little bit more tea leaves resulted in a very aromatic and flavorful session.  There were even an unusual hint of camphor and leather in this tea.  I like.  However, I discovered that a tea session of brewing this tuo could only get me 5-6 good infusions, leaving subsequent infusions very weak.  

Christmas is 2 days away.  To all my readers,  Merry Christmas!  Yes, I was a bit lazy this year and I did my Christmas shopping for my family, via the internet.  Got something for myself too - from Japan and its tea related.  Show you when it arrives, hopefully tomorrow.

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