Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Teaset Memories

Not too many years ago when my daughters were toddlers, one of their favorite activities was playing with their cooking/tea set.  They will make me join them in the play area, and start pretending to have a 'high tea session' with them.  They would 'brew' up a teapot of tea, then drinking from teacups and eat 'pretend cakes'.  It was a happy recollection for me.

Wind forward.  I have my own tea set.  It is a real set.  Made from porcelain and I brew real Chinese tea with it.  I served the tea in the dainty cups and call for my daughters to join me for tea.  No one interested.  Ungrateful lot!

I had recently acquired this tea set.  The porcelain as you will observed from the pix is called rice pattern porcelain.  This porcelain is characterized by having translucent 'rice' patterns  on the porcelain.  It looked quite pretty.  Dinnerware made from these porcelain are easily found and be easily purchased in this part of the world.  Inexpensive too, with bowls and cups costing a few dollars each.  There are new and old 'rice pattern' porcelain and one difference, in my opinion, was the older porcelain is heavier and thicker than the newer ones.  

Happy New Year 2014.  I am grateful and thankful that 2013 was a good year for my family.  My tea is 1 year older and I discovered I have tea that are already 10 years old in 2014.  I look forward to drinking them and sharing my thoughts on these tea.  I hope to travel next year and share more tea stories with my readers.  

Time to play with my tea set.  Do you have a tea set too?

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PouringTea said...

What a lovely teaset. Happy new year to you too and thank you for continuing to share your tea stories. Breda