Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy New Year

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year.  Yes, it will also be the year of the horse.  Tonight is the reunion dinner night that is celebrated by many Chinese around the world.  Where possible, family members will get together, even making long trips home to have this family dinner.  I like this practice.  Well, this year our family have decided to eat out and we will be having a buffet dinner at a restaurant. 

I will focus a bit on teaware this year.  I found that certain teaware does affect my tea and I will share my findings with you.  Yes, maybe I am getting older and imagining things but really!, the tea seem different.  Certain teapots and teacups seem to affect the taste of the tea.  

I had just returned from Guangzhou and prices of tea seem to be galloping upwards.  I had mentioned the presence of a strong speculative element especially with the popular pu erh brands.  I hope that prices of tea remain affordable and tea must not be seen as some luxury drink.  

To all my readers,  Happy Chinese New Year.  I wish you happiness and good health. 

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Emmett said...

Happy New Year!
I fully agree on the different pots and cups giving different results with the same teas. I have been experimenting a lot with this.