Thursday, August 20, 2015

2010 Taetea Ripe Pu erh Red Tin Edition

I purchased this Taetea (aka Dayi) ripe pu erh in a KL tea expo back in 2011 (link).   One of this red tin hold 5 individually wrapped pu erh cakes.  One cake is 150g so you are getting 750g of ripe pu erh tea in a tin.   

Information about the tea can be found on the tin.  The tea is composed of ripe pu erh tea that was already 3 years old.  This would imply that that this tea had 'aged' for 3 years and the tea would be very drinkable and not have the wodui taste of newly made pu erh that need to mellow out in a couple of years.  Opening this tea today would mean I am drinking a 8 year old Dayi ripe tea.   I had noticed big brands like Dayi and Haiwan are now selling their new ripe pu erh that are made or mixed with 'older' ripe tea.  It does make business sense as new tea collectors and drinkers can actually enjoy drinking (immediately) when they buy these new tea.       

It is uncommon that pu erh is manufactured and packaged in tins.  Tins are more expensive when compared to bamboo or paper wrappers.  Selling pu erh in tins could mean the tea is a special or limited edition production.  Haiwan had also produced premium tinned versions of pu erh tea for sale as well.  These Haiwan tins hold a single 600g brick, with small holes punched on the sides of the tin to allow air circulation.  I will write a blog on this Haiwan tea soon.  

This cake, as you would have observed from the pix, is made up of smaller pu erh leaves.  The tea leaves are really small.  I am not fond of brewing with small tea leaves as they tend to 'clog up' my teapot.  Tea tends to pour out much slower after being 'clogged' and the result may be a much stronger brew than expected. 

Dayi ripe tea, based on my experience, brews fast and strong.  This tea is no different and I would recommend, when you are brewing this tea, to reduce your tea leaves by 30-40%.  Even with this reduction, the tea brews strong and could get me 10 very good infusions from one tea session.  The tea exhibited nice aroma and taste with a very smooth, creamy-like finish.   An excellent after dinner tea.  


Hobbes said...

Wuzi Dengke!

I bought this tea in quantity from white2tea and never looked back. Cut me, do I not bleed WZDK? This is substantial, inexpensive, and deliciously fat. I am thirsty after reading your article!



a bad pasty said...

Heh, cut me Hobbes and do I not bleed Aomen Hualian?