Monday, August 10, 2015

Bao Ding Brand - Ti Kuan Yin Tea

A few friends from overseas visited me last week and I decided to brew up this tea for that occasion. Ti Kuan Yin (sometimes spelled as Tie Guan Yin) or TGY for short is a very popular oolong tea produced in Fujian, China. Bao Ding brand sells their 250g tgy in a tin. You will observed that this tgy is medium roasted and the tea leaves are rolled as seen.

I decided to brew this tea 'dim sum restaurant' style. I used a 90s deep red 'wan shou' porcelain teapot for this tea session. I scooped out 3 tablespoons of tgy, then pour hot water filling 3/4 of the teapot, and refilling the teapot with hot water when the tea had poured out. No rinsing of tea and the steeping times of the tea were more prolonged and leisurely…….and I could get 3 teapots of tea.

I normally prefer my tgy to be heavy roasted but this Bao Ding version was pleasant. It had a delightful floral character, with subtle hints of a Taiwanese high mountain tea. An inexpensive tea. This tea, by the way also makes a very nice chilled oolong as well.


Cwyn said...

Wilson! Friends visit from a long way overseas and you get out a restaurant box? Well if I visit I will bring a Pu sniffing dog. :D

wilson said...

Cwyn! thanks for dropping by. Grin! This tea is way better than the tea serve in dim sum restaurants. There are many tinned oolongs that are very good and many serious oolong drinkers are unable to accept the high quality as the tea comes packed, inexpensively, in a tin.