Sunday, November 7, 2021

2004 6 Famous Mountain Pu erh Yellow Label

There are many things I like about this tea.  This is a 357g pu erh cake produced by 6 Famous Mountain Tea Factory.  Stored in Singapore for more than 16 years, the hot and humid South East Asian climate had done much to help age this cake to a mature and sophisicated tea session.

The tea brews very strong. I could use less tea and yet get 10-12 dark amber infusions. Spicy, woody with a nice faint sweet aftertaste. The added complexity of the tea can be detected from a much subdued smoky camphor profile.  I will reach out for this tea on quiet afternoons, where I do my work while savouring every sip. 

I always believed that pu erh tea should be drank old and this tea had supported this thinking.  

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