Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tea For One


Tea for One.

I had received a few questions about drinking tea for one person......how much tea do I drink in one session and what is the size of the teapot or gaiwan used.

These questions are important as many of us brew and drink Chinese tea alone at home.

When I brew tea for just myself, I would normally use approx a 90 -100ml size teapot. I do use a gaiwan occasionally to brew my tea as well. Such a size, to me is good as it allows me to drink up to 6 to 8 infusions in one sitting.  It is a lot of tea as the tea may add up to half a litre (the tea leaves expands after every infusion) and I estimate the overall tea I drink would be close to half a litre.  

I normally go a quick double rinse with pu erh and once for oolong. I use boiling water for each infusion. 

Drinking 6-8 infusions of tea can be a leisurely affair for me. I would be reading the newspapers, check on my measly investment portfolio or listening to some music.  I normally finished my tea session within an hour.    

You would have noticed I used 2 teacups In the pix as each cup can accommodate 2-4 sips.  

You can also use a large teapot (about 500ml), add some tea leaves and boiling water and enjoy the tea like in a dim sum restaurant. 

I am thirsty.  


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J-P said...

Thank you Wilson. It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in my methods of drinking alone. Now... I must sally forth and brew more.