Tuesday, February 22, 2022

2008 Zhongcha Wild Yiwu Cake


This 2008 Zhongcha brand, aka CNNP is composed of wild Yiwu material. Already 14 years old, this raw pu erh cake is a fun tea to brew. This tea had been stored locally and there is a good aged taste and aroma in the tea. The tea brews strong and I like the long aftertaste in the mouth after drinking a cup of this tea. There is a nice oil mouthfeel and this tea in my opinion can be quite addictive. I find myself finishing a session of brewing and drinking this tea very quickly. Happy days.

But I digress. I have increased the flat rate shipping from $10 to $12, for my online store. This increase will help mitigate the dramatic rise (past 2 years) in postage cost.

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